Overview of WPS Office 10 Free

The WPS Office 10 office Suite is the best office Suite that a client can get for free. It has already been tested by a large number of people. It contains a text editor “Writer”, a spreadsheet editor” Spreadsheets “and a presentation program”Presentation”. The SOFTWARE name consists of the first letters of 3 of these applications.


The package interface is executed in all applications in the same General style and resembles the popular MicrosoftOffice. Therefore, when switching to this set of tools, you will definitely not have to get used to new controls. In addition, the new version has a chance to instantly change the window style by choosing any of the 3 options. It is great that any file can be viewed in a separate window, which allows you to instantly switch between them. There is also a data backup function and a cloud service.

What’s new in the package

In the new version, the creators decided to increase the start speed of the app by a quarter. And the table editor now includes 1 million rows. The office also has a PDF editor. Import and export files created in PDF and all known file formats. WPS easily opens and works with docks that were created in MSWord and PowerPoint. Spreadsheets have macros and formulas. The software Suite is also available for electronic gadgets on iOS and Android.

The interface of all applications, including mobile ones, is limited, and the editor supports grammar checking with existing Russian dictionaries. WPS Office is an office Suite from the famous Chinese SOFTWARE developer Kingsoft, which is designed for Chinese residents as an alternative to MSOffice. Distributed as additional software when installing a better-known program. The tool kit contains the Russian language, can work under Windows 10.


KingsoftOffice is an original approach to building an excellent Suite of applications. At the same time, this ability to be similar to Microsoft has led to the appearance of a somewhat unique, although slightly strange product with a modified design, in some cases even superior to that of the original. It’s fast, elegant, and easy to customize.