Overview of SketchUp

SketchUp is a popular editor for 3D modeling of objects, scenes, and their visual representation in various graphic styles. The program is widely used by professional furniture designers, interior designers, and even architects. It is distinguished by a small threshold for the user’s entry into real work in contrast to other heavier 3d applications, such as Blender, 3ds Max, and Autocad.

The editor functionality can be extended using plugins. You can easily animate scenes and record them in a video. You can make scene elements dialog-based for their reaction, for example, to a mouse click or to changes in some of their characteristics.

Program features

For 3D printing, this program is used because of the intuitive modeling interface, accessible even to a novice. We can also say about the small size of the installer, which takes 113 MB, and moderate hardware requirements. This application has a large catalog of free and available 3D models, and a huge number of extensions in Ruby.

The undeniable advantages of this program include its simplicity and ease of use. Just a few mouse clicks, and you will be able to build a whole residential area. It is also worth mentioning that the program is available to everyone. You can deal with it very easily.

Export files in graphic formats

This program allows you to export bitmap images up to 10 thousand pixels in size, which allows you to get an image that can be sent by e-mail, published as a document, or easily designed on the wall – just select a few characteristics and click the “Export”button.

Who uses SketchUp?

As professionals in design software development, we are constantly working to please everyone who uses this program. According to this, the developers designed the 3D editor to be compatible with a huge number of other modeling, image editing, and applications.

From architects to set designers, game creators, and graphic artists. All users rely on this software to help implement their design ideas, fully satisfying their needs.