Anonymous Flower Delivery In Riga: Is It Available?

When sending a bouquet, you usually can choose whether to add a signed postcard or to do it anonymously. Both options are great and can be used depending on your aims. Anonymous flowers create some kind of mystery, which can be attractive for new couples who have just fallen in love. Flowers with a signed card, meantime, guarantee that the recipient knows who exactly sent the adorable gift.

There are plenty of situations when anonymous flower delivery is appropriate. It can be an ideal way to refresh your relationship, celebrate your wedding anniversary, or show your love to someone special. So what are you waiting for? Book flower delivery right now and wait for the reaction.

How to send flowers anonymously in Riga

If you are a fan of surprises, anonymous flower delivery is available in Riga. Moreover, you can find it for free. Search for ziedu piegade Riga to get the best options. After booking anonymous flower delivery, you will be sure that the recipient won’t find out your name unless you reveal yourself in the card. You usually have to specify your preferences while arranging your order on the flower company’s website. Generally, you don’t have to pay extra money for this service.

Before the flower delivery, they call the recipient to set the time and place. They say something like “there is a gift for you”, but don’t specify the name of the gift giver. Your personal data is used only for payment and is not transferred to the recipient.