Do you need a window repair or replacement

There’s a common saying that if you want to bring order to your thoughts, you have to start with your home. Some things decay because we neglect them. A well-made repair can last hundreds of years if it was well painted and maintained. Though if it’s not, the weather and water damage can play an immense part. In any case, let’s start analyzing the issue.

There is a cold breeze when you stand by a window

If you feel cold air leaking through a window when you come up to it in winter, it’s a sign that the window frame might be broken. However, sometimes it can be fixed by installing weatherstripping. But if the windowpane is damaged, unfortunately, it means that most likely very soon you will have to replace the windowpane completely.

You’ve noticed a rotten timber on a window

Most likely it is connected to water or weather damage. In this case, the most important thing is to figure out how much damage the rot has already caused. Depending on the answer, you have two solutions: if there’s a little part, you can remove it and replace the window partially. But if rot has already damaged too many components, the only thing left is the entire replacement.

Suddenly your energy bills payments have grown

The more damaged your windows are, the more heating your house loses. That’s why the modern windows are much more convenient and adapted to keep comfortable room temperatures than the wooden ones. If you have a modern window, there’s no chance for you to deal with rotten windows repair. But eventually considering all the pros and cons is only your decision.