How Do You Play & Excel In Chess-bot

The strong & fast chess-bot will assist you all to play the game on a, and numerous other known websites. It will further analyze the games in real-time. Let’s now look at the set-up needed.

The Set-Up

Chess bot needs a pretty short setup. You got to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Download archive along with the program.
  2. Unzip the complete folder to whichever location on the hard drive & then launch the ChessBot.exe from a folder. It is strongly suggested to launch a program using the “Run as administrator”.
  3. Now there you go the bot is good to go.

How Do You Go On To Play

  • Launch the application.
  • Opt for the website that where are you looking to play right from a dropdown list.
  • Go to a website, ensuring that a chess board is thoroughly visible.
  • If you look forward to starting the game as a white then press Alt+W & in order to begin the game as black, you need to press Alt+B.
  • After the game gets finished, press Alt+X. This is strongly suggested to press the combination of Alt+X post every game so as to unload the chess engine from a memory.

 The Features

  • It provides quite strong & fast calculations.
  • It goes on to provide support for almost every popular website.
  • It supports almost every popular & known UCI engine.
  • It has an Autobot mode.
  • It has an advisor mode.
  • Continue from the position
  • Configurated engine settings

The Supported Websites

ChessBotX goes on to support almost every popular chess website. But, the application can only recognize specific pieces and boards.

Hopefully, this guide will be of some help to all the readers.