Top 5 Facts about AvaTrade

Once you start learning about trading, you are sure to come across AvaTrade. This is an online broker that offers its services to users in different countries. Today, we won’t look at the complete AvaTrade review but discuss the top five facts about it.

The main things one should know

  • The company has lots of experience in trading. It opened in 2006 and not has over 200 000 users. Now a user can trade currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.
  • This broker is licensed in Australia, Japan, European countries, South African regions, etc. It means the website sticks to the security guidelines and laws from the corresponding regulatory bodies.
  • The broker has everything for trading. It uses four trading platforms so that a user could pick the most convenient one. There is also plenty of relevant information for those who want to expand their knowledge about the industry.
  • There are an affiliate program and other bonuses that make the trading experience even better. It’s a great way to save money or get a little passive income.
  • AvaTrade won multiple awards for Best Customer Support. It’s dedicated to delivering the best help fast. What’s more, the company also received the Best Alert System award.

Based on the information above, AvaTrade seems to be an appealing option. It’s definitely worth your attention.