Specificity of the Work of Sellbery and All Necessary Aspects

One of the most striking platforms providing a number of services aimed at improving the level of activity related to conducting business in the field of e-commerce is sellbery. Using this resource you will receive features such as automatic synchronization of product lists with the order as well as inventory data between marketplaces and carts.

A Pinch of Possible Services And How It Works

Actually, the activities of the dedicated website consists of the following steps:

  • connecting the specified products to the site with the highest level of attendance;
  • converting product information into a format that meets the requirements of the target channel;
  • automatically update your listings on a variety of resources.


In addition, Sellbery offers the possibility of delivery to the original platform from a number of possible channels. The latter is implemented using an inventory system that is automated and scalable having a direct connection with the client’s online store.

What About Pricing

If we are considering the issue of resource pricing policy, the first aspect that should be noted is the presence of three possible options, each of which has a different cost and accordingly offers a variety of certain services. Below we have indicated each of them along with the cost per month. Also, you should not forget that they are all closely related to SKUs, depending on it.

  • The first of the possible packages is Basic, the use of which will cost you 19-299 euros.
  • Another option is advanced, that costs 319-619 euros.
  • The most expensive is called enterprises whose price starts at 619 euros.

Final Words

So, even based on this short description of the resource’s operation, it can be understood that it occupies one of the key positions in the outlined area, helping users quickly and easily cope with tasks.